Sunday, July 27, 2008

Walking and Blogging

Polish-Canadian artist Kinga Araya, who's been living in Berlin, has just completed her latest project: walking the entire 160-kilometer course of the former Berlin Wall to commemorate her own defection from Poland (which took place on foot) twenty years ago while on an art students' field trip to Poland. Araya's art often concerns itself with walking and its many modes and implications. Sometimes she straps on a prosthetic leg (for her performance piece "Grounded", 1999); sometimes she dances in shoes made of ice ("Cold Feet", 2003). In a different mode, I particularly like her 2004 series of self-portraits, "Domestic Exiles", in which she responds photographically to the work of Walter Benjamin, Julia Kristeva, Jacques Derrida, Simone Weil, Judith Butler, Martin Jay and Edward Said.
A very basic account of Kinga Araya's Berlin Wall project can be found on her Blogger site Performing Exile; I'm looking forward to the appearance of the full documentation on her main website.

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Walser & Co. said...

A nice coincidence, this: that your post falls on the anniversary of Walser's first Wanderung with Seelig. Apt, too, when one recalls your conjuring of Walser as Blogger (at the Morgan.) Looking forward to more Walking and Blogging and (O to be within) Berlin! I think I found the source, by the way, for Walser's "Ich bin nicht hier, um zu schreiben, sondern um verrückt zu sein."